Recruiting Brokers Make 10% Commision FREE!

We are looking for brokers to post our products for sale thru social media channels. It doesn't cost you any money to be a broker. We do all the heavy lifting. If you want to get paid fast there is a $69 dollar processing fee to receive a debit card to load your commission on. Other than that you get a business thats up and running. The products or home goods and Furniture. You will not be beat by anyone in the marketplace. Average purchase is $500. So thats at the least $50 for you paid out at close of sale. You can even bring in 4 other people and make more. This is not a MLM or Pyramid scheme. It is totally FREE. Work from home, at the gym, driving, work, anywhere people need home goods. Real Estate agents you can make extra commission by selling a new bed or mattress set along with that house. Name brand products and rock bottom prices.

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